My kids started off with mild colds🤧. One after another, they all had the sniffles and maybe a cough or two but the whole house was on some sort of flue concoction or medication. My husband and I laughed that this ‘bug’ would definitely whizz through them but most likely give us a hard time because of our ages. True to form, the kids bounced back within a week and were back to normal. I however started with a slight runny nose, 🤒mild fever, joint pains and loss of appetite. What started off as minor symptoms turned into night sweats, dry mouth, weak body, dizziness etc etc. When I realised I had lost taste in my mouth I knew I needed to respond urgently by getting quick health care💉. Whether it’s a bad cough or COVID, - act fast on it.

Many are sharing how they have recovered from COVID with health antidotes, how best to steam, what meds to take and so many other great pieces of information.

I’m wanting to share the mental journey with you. Like I started off saying, FEAR is crippling. As I started exhibiting more and more COVID-like symptoms, my mind immediately thought of death⚰️. How I was going to die from this, if my kids would be ok, how long it would take me to die...yo!! I went into a very dark place and no one around me had the slightest understanding of what my mind was doing to me. I was constantly on social media, reading about friends and friends of friends who were succumbing to COVID or cancer or diabetes or any other illness. To me it didn’t matter, it was all death. The national stats were frightening. All I looked for was the death number and province - gauging how close this was getting to me. As I write this, I’m astonished at how paranoid I was and the extent to which I literally had my own funeral!😳

It was through prayer that I realised that if God hasn’t handed in my papers🤓, I wasn’t going anywhere and until He did, I was going to choose LIFE over death. Through this crisis, we have to be mentally in control. I learnt that I made 3 fundamental mistakes and I want to share them with you so you too can avoid them.

1. I magnified my problems. Don’t get stuck in the fake world of social media. If you continue to read about death and gloom, that becomes your reality. Looking back, I wasn’t so bad off but I made a sniffle into a trauma emergency!

2. Get up and Act! Wallowing in self pity will get you nowhere. You have to proactively fight, protect and set up an environment to heal. Consult a doctor and take the recommendations that make sense to you and implement. No procrastination is allowed! Also to accept help! Be open to those God-sent Angels that are placed in your life - listen to them😊.

3. I had unhealthy beliefs of others. I began to feel social pressure of not wanting people to know. In these situations, people can be unkind and the stigma of sickness brings out some really interesting traits in friends and family😩. I gave myself pressure to do, to be, someone I wasn’t just for the sake of society. I forgot to be responsible by telling those whom I had been in contact with to also check themselves.

To be mentally strong, you have to work hard just like you would if you were losing weight. Counter unhealthy beliefs with positivity. Go through these emotions and don’t let them fester. We have choices to make so make the right ones. Life isn’t fair, let’s accept and understand that. No one owes us anything.

So remind yourself of this in any of life’s many challenges. Wether it be COVID-19, cancer, job loss, break ups etc, you have a choice!