Mothers Day

I used to always introduce myself as a mother 1st, and then a professional. Was that so wrong? It’s debatable 🤷🏽‍♀️ and so in professional circles, I started feeling the pressure to keep the intro’s ‘clean’. Hi my name is Emily and I am a career marketer and communications specialist.....blah blah blah. Only to mention kids if asked. So why am I even mentioning this on Mother’s Day🤔? Because many of us find that our children are our pride and joy. There is no manual for Motherhood. When you are blessed with kids, it’s THE most overwhelming feeling to realize that ‘unfinished’ and a ‘work in progress’ as you may be...YOU are their world. YOU are their everything!😱 As mother’s we make sacrifices far beyond what our children can comprehend. We don’t eat till they eat. We sleep on floors so that they have a warm bed to sleep on. We shiver and bare the cold as long as they are warm and safe. We protect them with our lives because they are the precious jewels that God blessed us with. So if you are a child, blessed with a mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, father - who played this role, then celebrating them on ONE day in 365 days of a year, is....well let me leave it to you to fill in the blanks! So why did I introduce myself as a mother?? Because my kids represent my journey to maturity. My journey to become a strong, black woman in a global world that may not welcome my kind. My journey from broken relationships to a love that supersedes all the pain of the past. Their smiles are testimony of Gods Love - and I’m damn proud of them. Each one, a gift from the Lord. So ya...I’m going to intro myself as a mother first💛🧡🤎 Happy Mother’s Day to all my strong sisters out there.

Happy Mothers Day 2021 #Happy Mother